First blog post

Alright, let’s be honest. Everyone judges when some individual goes “new year, new me” during New Year’s and to be frank, I think we should stop doing that.

It’s 2017 and technologies aren’t the only thing that’s advanced right now. We all are, even animals are getting smarter. We should stop degrading every little things about others and instead start empowering together. Quit hating and spread love! Forgive those who wronged you but never forget the lesson it taught you. Hold no grudge but don’t keep toxic people in your life.

I intend to start writing again because honestly it has always helped me think clearly and maturely (believe it or not). Moreover, I’ve always liked to pour out my random thoughts so this is the right place instead of always tweeting.. 😆 subsequently I aim to try to handle things maturely and rationally as possible. I can hear all those “banai” or “btt” from where I am but it doesn’t hurt to at least try to improve to be your better self, right?

My apologies for the rusty writing as it has been awhile, pretty sure even my secondary English teacher would point out grammar mistakes if he were to read this post.

Until then..


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