Seven days vacation – Singapore

On 23rd April, I left my homeland, family and friends to pursue my degree in Kuala Lumpur. However before uni starts, my parents decided that we should go on a seven days trip to Singapore and Bandung.

I honestly forgot the name of the hotel that we stayed at while in Singapore but if I’m not mistaken it was nearby Orchard Rd. The night we arrived there, we were famished and we found a few stalls after few mins of walking. They were mostly Chinese hawker stalls and fortunately there was one Indian stall. As for the beverage stall, there was only one and it was a Chinese female, looking all tough almost like a tomboy but her hair’s long, probably in her late 30s with her mother. To be safe, we decided to order canned beverage and my mom asked for all the top to be washed after the incident of a rat’s urine back then.

To our shock, she started getting being bad-mannered towards us as she loudly says in her accent, “Aiyo, mau cuci oh?” Honestly, there were more but that’s all I could remember what she said. She did splash some water on the top but it wasn’t still clean and she roughly pushed them to our faces. Seeing her daughter acting like that, the mother decided to act the same way. That kind of behavior was enough to fume all us up but we had no choice except to take our drinks and leave the stall since we’ve already paid. God, never have I ever met someone so rude over a petty thing. I even lost my appetite to eat. The next two days we went somewhere away from there to have our meals.

We were supposed to go to Haji Lane the next day before the dark came but regrettably we had limited time as we have to go to Bandung. Nevertheless, we had the chance to finally visit Gardens by the Bay. Yes, that’s right I said “finally”. The last time I was in Singapore was in 2012 where I attended BIGBANG’s Alive Tour with my sisters. You could say that I’ve missed a lot.

Man, I’m amazed with the vibrant lights I encountered there. I’ll let the photos do the talking since I still haven’t polished my writing skills.

34136925111_4ddc6e8076_h(This was taken with my Fujifilm X-T10 using 16-50mm lens and a macro-wide lens)

33904037630_a40e1012b4_h(This was taken with my iPhone 6 and also with a macro-wide lens attached)

And the next best thing that happened…?

*drum rolls*

They started playing some Star Wars’ soundtracks! You have no idea how giddy I was just over that. Just in case anyone is wondering.. no, I wouldn’t say that I’m a true fan of Star Wars. Honestly I got into it only after a close friend forced me to watch The Force Awakens with her back then and since I didn’t have any clue about the story line I decided to go for a marathon from the start and coincidentally before starting, I fell in love with someone who’s a huge fan of them as well, so I know you can imagine how I felt when there’s someone you love very dearly involved. *blushes* but genuinely, I really liked the movies.

Sadly, I can’t upload the cool videos here since I’m not a premium user. Sigh, what a bummer.

Basically, that’s the only interesting thing about my trip to Singapore.

I’ll continue about my trip to Bandung in the next post.

Stay tuned!


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